Photo by Benjamin James Gillespie

About ME

Titty Kaka was the creation of Oliver Gregory during the first few months of working at the internationally acclaimed showbar; Funny Girls in Blackpool. Joining the cast in the summer of 2014, he made a big impact to the show and since then has gone on to create his own act which ran in January and May of 2016 whilst the main cast had time off.

Whilst being technically trained in many styles of dance, Oliver also has expertise as an Aerialist focusing mainly on the disciplines of Aerial Silks and Aerial Lyra. Having performed his Aerial Silk act 6 nights a week for 5 seasons consecutively - it has been the perfect opportunity to refine his Aerial technique.

More recently, he has had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented dancer, comedian and female impersonator; Betty Legs Diamond. From this, he has learnt a great deal more on the art of performing in drag and is extremely thankful for this very rare opportunity.

Over the past 18 months he has also started sewing and creating costumes and head-dresses for himself and other drag artists and productions all over England. By also making the majority of costumes for his resident show at Funny Girls every Tuesday during the Spring season of 2017, it is definitely something he would like to grow and pursue as another career.

Currently he is located in Blackpool performing around different venues as the classy yet fabulous Miss Titty Kaka and looks forward to what the future has in store for him both in and out of drag!

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